TractorHouse one of the most reliable resources 

When it comes to purchasing farm equipment, TractorHouse is one of the most reliable resources around. In fact, they are a part of Sandhills, an international farm and ag equipment brand. They publish a print publication in eight regional weekly editions across the United States, and also have domestic and international domains.

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Case IH tractors

The Case IH tractorhouse is the most popular tractorhouse in Europe and offers the most complete range of used agricultural machinery and equipment. They are known for the quality and reliability of their products. The company is based in France and they sell new and used equipment. They also provide training courses for tractor maintenance. 

In 1985, Case IH was formed when the German manufacturer IH and its North Dakota-based partner Steiger Tractor merged. The company was bought by Tenneco in 1984, but renamed to Case IH in 1987. The company then merged with New Holland Agriculture in 1999. Today, the Case IH tractorhouse is part of CNH Global.

different categories of tractors

  1. Case IH Magnum Tractorhouse
  • If you have been thinking of buying a new tractor, it is a good idea to check out the Case IH Magnum. This series of tractors offers unmatched performance for its class. It is also a good investment because of its solid construction and low maintenance. These machines are built to tackle tough pulls with ease. Plus, they offer 360-degree visibility.
  • The Magnum is made for heavy-duty work. It’s equipped with an 8.7-liter engine, which provides an extra 35 horsepower. It’s ready for the toughest field conditions, and it’s compliant with next-stage emission standards. The engine and transmission also work in tandem to achieve the desired speed.
  • The Magnum is also fitted with a deluxe cab. This cab features four remotes and a 540/1000 PTO. It’s also equipped with a deluxe suspension system to ensure a smooth ride. The cab roof also allows for the integration of optional LED lighting packages. Aside from this, the cab also has simple, intuitive controls.
  • The Magnum is also equipped with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which is the same transmission used in many other high-end tractors. The CVT has infinite gear ratios, which is a good way to increase efficiency. It is also designed to find the best gear ratio for the situation. In addition, it has a split throttle design to maximize fuel efficiency.
  • The Magnum also has a Surround Frame, which delivers power to the ground. It has an AFS Pro 700 color display that lets you manage your tractor. The display features a touchscreen monitor, which works with third-party manufacturers.
  1. Quadtrac Tractorhouse
  • When you’re looking for a high-performance tractor, you can’t go wrong with the Case IH Quadtrac(r) Series. From its industry-leading wheelbase to its drawbar design, this line of 4WD tractors provides superior performance on the jobsite. You’ll also find an array of comfort features, like an integrated control panel and electronic climate control. Plus, you can expect excellent fuel efficiency and impressive power.
  • The Quadtrac’s two-stage turbo and 16×2 full Powershift transmission provide reliable power. In addition, the AFS AccuGuide(tm) auto guidance system is factory-installed and offers accuracy levels of up to 2.5 cm. Additionally, you can opt for the Xfill option to keep the tractor on track if a signal drops. This system automatically adjusts the throttle, steering, and brakes, and keeps you on course no matter the conditions.
  • In addition to its impressive power, the Case IH Quadtrac(r) series is also known for its industry-leading comfort. You can expect a comfortable seat and cab suspension system, as well as an Integrated Control Panel and electronic climate control. You’ll also enjoy a low noise level and all-round visibility.

Sync with your Watch List

The TractorHouse mobile app is a great source of information about new and used farm equipment. It’s packed with full-color photos, complete descriptions, and features such as the ability to take a picture of a piece of equipment. It also lets users save favorite listings, compare equipment, and track industry trends. You can even contact the seller directly. It’s a great resource, and the site updates daily.

The TractorHouse app

  •  boasts a slick Watch List feature. To get started, click the Menu button. The screen should display a menu with an Add To Watch List button. After selecting the item you wish to add to your list, press that button. In the pop-up menu that follows, you should be presented with the options to view the listing, call the seller, or send an email.
  • The Tractor House Restaurant in Lake County, Ohio offers many different menu items to choose from, so you’ll find that no matter what you’re craving, you can find something that you’ll love. The restaurant even has a burger menu that you can browse online, so you can make a reservation for the perfect meal. In addition to the restaurant, the Tractor House is home to a full service trailer dealership, so you can be sure to get all of the help you need with your next new or used trailer.


TractorHouse is a website that features thousands of listings from hundreds of dealers across North America. The site provides detailed descriptions of the equipment, location maps, and full-color pictures. It also allows users to contact sellers and negotiate deals. It is one of the top resources for farmers looking to buy or sell farm equipment. The platform includes both large and small farm machinery, and parts.

In addition to its online listing site, TractorHouse offers a print magazine. The weekly publication is distributed in eight regional editions across the United States. It also features an online auction results page.

TractorHouse is part of Sandhills Global, which is known for its international farm and ag equipment brands. The company has been processing and distributing information since the 1990s. Aside from its website, the company also operates domestic and international domains. TractorHouse is an important resource for farmers who want to sell or buy farm equipment.


The TractorHouse dealer resource is a new industry resource that offers dealers and farmers a place to find agricultural equipment and related information. It is available on mobile devices and contains photos of equipment, detailed descriptions, and the ability to contact the seller. It is also a great tool for tracking trends in the ag industry.

It is produced by Sandhills Global

  •  one of the most trusted names in information processing. This company has more than 30 years of experience in providing information to customers and businesses. The product includes real-time valuations of agriculture equipment, trucks, and more. Using this technology, the company helps equipment dealers improve inventory turns and profitability. Using FleetEvaluator, the company’s proprietary asset valuation software, it calculates the value of equipment in real time. This tool provides a significant advantage over other valuation tools in the market.
  • The TractorHouse dealer resource is aimed at dealers and farms who are looking to sell their equipment. The site features thousands of listings from hundreds of dealers, along with comprehensive product listings. The website allows users to specify the make, model, and price of their items. It also lets users search for the closest equipment listings. The website updates daily.


TractorHouse is one of the many online auction sites vying for your hard earned cash. The site offers an extensive database of over 6,000 used farm equipment listings for sale from hundreds of dealers across North America. In addition to the usual suspects, the site also features a plethora of parts and accessories for sale, a virtual inventory and a slew of auction results. This ecommerce site is the ag equipment retailer’s best friend, making it the perfect place to list your wares.