HD Supply Home Improvement Solutions which provides a variety of products

HD Supply Home Improvement Solutions is a home improvement supply company which provides a variety of products and services for home improvement. The company is split up into three separate divisions. It offers a cash back program and it is also expanding its reach to more areas of the United States.

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1.Divided into three divisions

2.Expanding across the United States

3.Offering a cash back program

4.Redefining itself

5.Redefining itself

Divided into three divisions

HD Supply is a building products distribution company, but they do a lot more. They have a wide array of companies under their wing, including Creative Touch Interiors, White Cap Construction Supply, and Repair and Remodel. These three divisions together generated about $3 billion in Net sales in the fiscal year ended June 30.

Home Depot has made

  •  an offer to buy HD Supply. The deal is a win-win for both companies, with HD Supply receiving a nice chunk of cash in the process. The deal is expected to close in the upcoming fiscal fourth quarter. Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to use the HD Supply name, the move will boost the home improvement company’s exposure to the professional contractor side of the business.
  • There are actually two components to the deal: the original purchase price of $8.5 billion and a separate transaction to acquire the remaining 12.5 percent of the company. Basically, the deal will be funded by debt and cash on hand. Both companies are based in Marietta, outside of Atlanta.
  • As the housing market recovers, HD Supply and Home Depot will be well positioned to capture more of the growing home improvement segment of the industry. Their acquisition will give the retail giant more exposure to the professional contractor side of the industry, while giving the supply house more room to grow and diversify its portfolio.
  • In short, the company is a smart and well run business that is worth investing in. The stock is trading for a modest premium to its IPO price. Several large financial institutions are involved in the deal, including Credit Suisse, Barclays, and J.P. Morgan. One of the most interesting parts of the whole deal is the fact that the company’s CEO will retain a seat on the board. That means HD Supply will be able to expand its management team in the months to come.
  • HD Supply is no doubt a good business, with strong margins and solid sales growth. But, the company has had to make some changes over the years to keep pace with the industry. Among these are the rebranding of some of its assets, including Contractors Warehouse.

Expanding across the United States

HD Supply is a national distributor of MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) products. Its product portfolio includes plumbing and HVAC equipment, electrical and lighting products, and kitchen cabinets

  •  The company serves over 500,000 customers in North America. It has 44 distribution centers in 25 U.S. states, two Canadian provinces, and a network of 270 branches.
  • HD Supply was formed by Bob Nardelli in 2006 when he merged with leading construction services companies in North America. Since then, it has acquired numerous segments, and has renamed some of its inheritances. A few of these include the Waterworks segment, which was sold for $2.5 billion in August 2017, the Brafasco construction supplies business, which was purchased for $1.2 billion in October 2016, and the Creative Touch Interiors business.
  • The company has over five thousand associates and more than 550 locations in North America. About one third of the company’s business is repair and remodeling contractors, while the rest is in the construction and industrial industries. It operates in five categories: building and industrial, interior finishing, MRO, repair and remodel, and facilities maintenance.
  • After being purchased by a private equity consortium last year, the company is returning to expansion mode. They plan to add new branches and develop private label brands in the future. In addition, they have plans to expand into the building utility products market.

The company has experienced sales and marketing teams. Its employees enjoy comprehensive benefits, including a health and wellness program. It has been a runner-up in the Best Workplaces survey three years in a row.

HD Supply was originally a professional services division of The Home Depot. Over the course of several years, they diversified into various segments, including kitchen and bathroom cabinets, plumbing and HVAC products, and MRO. Their goal was to provide high-quality service to professional contractors. Currently, the company has a total enterprise value of $8 billion.

HD Supply has over five thousand employees and more than 550 locations in North America. Their products and services are available in 25 states and two Canadian provinces. These services include installation, sourcing, and turnkey purchasing for builders.

Offering a cash back program

In the home improvement industry, HD Supply has a knack for the best customer service. They are known for their myriad of services, including home security and home improvement products, HVAC, plumbing and electrical supplies, and remodeling and repair services. For the consumer with an eye on the bottom line

  •  the company also offers a myriad of financing options to meet your budgetary needs. You can even rent equipment by the day if that’s what you’re into. A big plus is that you don’t have to be a contractor to get your hands on some quality equipment.
  • The company has eight locations in Southern California, with three more in the works. This particular business is certainly a juggernaut in its own right. As part of its ongoing quest to provide the best home improvement service to its devoted clientele, the company has reinvented itself. It has rebranded several of its legacy companies, renamed some of its most prominent kin, and implemented a few new business models aimed at improving its competitive position. Among other noteworthy changes, the company has eliminated its floppy disk drive and has implemented a mobile-first business model.
  • Although it is no Home Depot, HD Supply is a worthwhile venture, especially considering the company’s stellar ROIC over the past three years. The company has an impressive assortment of specialized businesses, each with a compelling product or service to offer its customers. Some of the better ones include the aforementioned MyCBC and the impressively named Creative Touch Interiors.
  •  Among the other standouts, the company’s facilities maintenance division makes a strong case for its myriad of leasing and financing options, which make it a one stop shop for businesses of all sizes. Another notable subsidiary is the industry leading Contractors Warehouse, which is the go to source for home improvement, a la carte, and specialty contractors. Lastly, the HD Supply Medical Supply line of business consists of over a thousand specialty medical supplies, with the medical industry’s most comprehensive inventory, and the largest selection of disposable equipment in the country. With a combination of experience and innovation, 
  • the company is sure to continue to expand its offerings and its footprint, particularly in the medical supply business.
Redefining itself

HD Supply Home Improvement Solutions is redefining itself as it prepares to separate into two separate companies. It was acquired last August by a trio of private investment firms. After the deal, HD Supply CEO Joe DeAngelo stayed on as chief executive.

The company operates

  •  270 branches, 44 distribution centers and serves approximately 500,000 customers. Its primary products are in the construction and MRO industries. The company has three divisions: Construction & Industrial, Facilities Maintenance and Creative Touch Interiors. Approximately one-third of the company’s revenues come from its facilities maintenance and construction and industrial businesses. In addition to this, HD Supply also operates a plumbing and HVAC division.
  • HD Supply will continue to be based in Atlanta, Georgia. As part of the separation, the company will report the Construction and Industrial and Facilities Maintenance businesses separately. Each company will have an independent board of directors and a management team.
  • CTI is a nationwide provider of turnkey interior finishing products for builders. The company has a portfolio of products such as carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl, countertops, cabinets and window treatments. Additionally, it offers installation services and has a mobile home program. Currently, CTI serves 35 of the top 55 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and plans to expand its geographic footprint. Its products are used in hotels, condos, restaurants and car dealerships. Lastly, it is testing new product categories and has opened three new cities since January.
  • The Home Depot, which is HD Supply’s largest customer, is also a key buyer of its products. The company is expanding its network of interior finishing services, including kitchen and bath design, flooring and countertops. At the same time, it is acquiring local flooring retailers to further expand its national footprint.
Redefining itself

With its recent split from Home Depot, HD Supply has been redefining itself. The company has taken a number of new approaches to marketing and business operations. It’s also renamed some of its subsidiaries. For example, Contractors Warehouse was renamed Repair and Remodel. A few years ago, it also added a new division, Creative Touch Interiors, which sells furniture and decor.

In the last several years, the company has changed its approach to “life cycle” marketing. CEO Joe DeAngelo has said that the firm is changing its sales model to include more “life-cycle” customers. He says the company is also trying to be more customer-centric and to create more relationships with its customers.

HD Supply has been redefining itself and moving out from under the shadow of Home Depot, a major customer. Home Depot holds 12.5 percent of the company’s stock.


The HD Supply company has been in business for almost 40 years. Its portfolio of offerings spans three business segments: Facilities Maintenance, Construction & Industrial and the Power Solutions division. Each of these units has a unique set of product offerings. This includes plumbing and HVAC supplies, janitorial items, appliances, window coverings, lighting and electrical products and healthcare maintenance products. In the last fiscal year, the Facilities Maintenance unit accounted for approximately $3 billion in sales.