How to Trade the Google Stock Price Using an Option Contract

Analysts are bullish on the Google stock price. If you’re wondering how to trade the stock, you’ve come to the right place. You can use an Option contract to bet on GOOG or GOOGL shares. This article also talks about the Alphabet vs. Google split and how Google Stock Price may affect Alphabet.

Analysts are feeling bullish on Google Stock Price

Google has been trading sideways since the end of May. However, in the past two months, the stock has set higher lows and higher highs. In essence, the stock is on the cusp of a textbook breakout to the north. This is great news for investors.

The recent slowdown in YouTube may be a concern for investors, but analysts believe there’s plenty to like about GOOGL stock. While the company faces a slowdown in its video service, it also has a strong direct response advertising business. Although the comparison with last year was tough, Alphabet management believes there is still room for growth in the direct response category.

Currently, 48 of 51 sell-side analysts rate Alphabet stock as a Buy or a Strong Buy. This change is more important than the absolute rating, since it indicates the current investor sentiment. Analysts’ ratings are a good indication of the current trend in a stock.

However, the price of Alphabet stock is lagged compared to the market as a whole. The price is trading below its 20-day moving average. Option traders have been positioning for a slide ahead of earnings, as evidenced by the growing number of put options.

Options contracts can be used to bet on GOOG or GOOGL shares

When investing in GOOG or GOOGL shares, there are two main options available: a call and a put option. A call option allows you to bet on the direction of the stock price, while a put will allow you to bet on whether it will go up or down. Both options come with different costs and commissions.

Options are a cost-effective way to invest in stocks. The main advantage of options is that they can protect investors in the case of a sell-off. However, the downside of options is the lack of liquidity. Traders may choose to use this strategy for stocks with a high value and little liquidity.

If you’re thinking of trading GOOG or GOOGL shares, the first thing you should do is consider the strike price. You can calculate the strike price by consulting the Options Clearing Corporation’s (OCC) circulars. These circulars are available online and can be used to determine the strike price for Google, GOOGL, and AMZN. You can also use OCC circulars to find out how much the strike price will be when a contract expires.

Another way to bet on GOOG or GAOGL shares is by buying index funds. Google’s stock is included in many index funds, including S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100. These funds will move up or down depending on Google’s earnings.


Alphabet is a technology conglomerate holding company headquartered in Mountain View, California. The company was formed through the restructuring of Google on October 2, 2015. It is the parent company of several former Google subsidiaries.

Alphabet’s stock price fell as much as 14% in March. That decline came as investors shielded themselves from equities that are high-growth. The stock has now lost over 25% of its value since the beginning of the year, but there is still plenty of room for growth. To buy Alphabet stock, you must fill out the KYC form. The process doesn’t take long. After you fill out the form, you can upload a valid state ID, driver’s license, passport, or other form of identification.

Investors use a variety of methods to calculate Alphabet’s intrinsic value. In addition to looking at Alphabet’s financials and earnings, investors use technical analysis to determine how much the stock is worth. Then, they buy the stock when the price falls below their intrinsic value.

GOOG vs. GOOGL split

However, this split preserved the majority of Google’s founders, which often happens when companies go public. The company now has two classes of shares listed on the stock market, class A shares, which trade on Wall Street, and class B shares, which trade privately and have more voting power.

Although most brokerage firms allow investors to trade fractional shares, most retail investors prefer to own whole shares. After the split, these investors could proudly declare their ownership of GOOG without having their portfolios skewed. This would create a new pool of buyers for GOOG, as it would be much easier for them to add the stock without skewing their portfolios.

Investors should not worry too much about whether to buy shares of GOOG or GOOGL. Both shares represent equal ownership stakes, so it’s worth considering both if you are looking to invest in a tech stock. If you’re looking for long-term growth, then you may want to buy GOOGL shares.

Another major factor in the Google vs. GOOGL split is the voting rights of shareholders. The split has to do with how much power the shareholders have in the company. As shareholders, you can vote for or against various corporate issues, so you’ll want to understand what that means for your investment. The stock split was an important step for the company and its founders.

Waymo project

A flurry of recent announcements have caused investors to take a close look at the Google Stock Price and Waymo project. Waymo is a self-driving car project that’s been in the works for several years.

Initially, Waymo tried to build electric-powered cars, but it canceled that project in 2017 and has since sought strategic partnerships to deploy its technology. Analysts believe Waymo could be worth as much as $70 billion by 2030 and add 12% to Google’s enterprise value.

Waymo has lost a total of $1.2 billion in funding since its inception and is now mulling a spinoff or a public offering to raise additional capital. Waymo’s CEO, John Krafcik, resigned in April, and the company’s board announced the replacement of Krafcik with two co-CEOs: Tekedra Mawakana and Dmitri Dolgov. In December, Waymo announced a partnership with Chinese car maker Geely. The two companies will work together to develop a van that will be sold in the future.

The company plans to stop selling its tech to automakers in 2020, which will allow it to be more self-sufficient and focus on generating its own profits. As of now, the company’s valuation is $30 billion, and it is expected to continue to expand.

Potential acquisition of Pinterest

Pinterest is a social networking platform that connects millions of users with a variety of shopping options. A recent report claimed that PayPal was in talks with Pinterest’s owners about an acquisition. The acquisition would create an e-commerce juggernaut with millions of users. However, it’s unclear whether the two companies will be able to work together. The company has a market value of about $40 billion.

Google’s massive resources would allow the company to make any kind of acquisition. While Pinterest prohibits posting photos without the appropriate rights, there are likely more copyrighted images on the site than it can police. This could pose a huge legal problem for the company. And since Pinterest is only growing, this problem could grow exponentially.

He also argues that the image-browsing platform would be a valuable add-on for the tech giant. If the deal goes through, the potential acquisition would have been the biggest deal Microsoft has ever made.

Pinterest has also been in talks with mobile startup URX. URX has raised over $15 million in four rounds of funding and is currently in talks with Pinterest to hire some of its employees. Depending on the outcome of the talks, URX investors could receive some Pinterest stock. However, URX’s executives did not respond to repeated requests for comment.